Aidan Michael Sami is a photographer from Hamilton, New Zealand. He discovered his true passion for photos when he was told by his brother to download this buzzing new app called "Instagram". Initially taking photos on his iPod Touch which had a camera, he eventually progressed on to a DSLR camera where he has since been capturing some of the most beautiful moments in his life from events, friends and family, nature, cars & much more. 

In our full interviewAidan discusses the importance of being yourself and using your individuality to elevate your art to the next level and the beauty in not only capturing a moment in time but also being able to put smiles on people's faces through his art. We touch on topics such as the creative journey/progression, appreciating the little things, the beauty of being able to see life from a different perspective through photography, and more!


60 Seconds with Aidan Sami:
Inside The Mind of Aidan Sami (Full Interview):