LBFRmikey is a hip-hop artist from Wellington, New Zealand. Originally born in London, Mikey traveled back & forth between London, Perth & Wellington on a mission to grow his collective “LBFR”, until finally planting roots back in New Zealand in 2018. Since then the ‘young bandit’ has taken the nation by storm; surpassing over half a million streams on all platforms, working alongside underground international icons such as Kamiyada+, Slug Christ & Yung Bambi to name a few, and performing at shows all across the country.

In our full interviewLBFRmikey discusses his journey as a music artist and how it has shaped him. We touch on topics such as the importance of knowing your environment, his future ambitions of helping the culture and community through music, why we should take the time to work on our craft, and more!


60 Seconds with LBFRmikey:
Inside The Mind of LBFRmikey (Full Interview):