Vince Ropitini

Vince Ropitini fashion designer from Wellington, New Zealand. Growing up in New Plymouth, he originally started screen printing on clothes in the shed of his parent's home. This would lead to the birth of Obsolescence Clothing in 2019. Originally printing on thrifted and recycled garments, he would repurpose these pieces and give them new life. Studying at Massey Design school, he hopes to further solidify his place as a designer and use Obsolescence to create a sense of community. Through his garments he wishes to challenge perceptions of identity and provide a different perspective on the clothes we wear every day.

In our full interview, Vince discusses how he creates clothing as a form of expressing himself. We touch on topics such as the importance of our own happiness, the creation of obsolescence, surrounding yourself around good people, his biggest fear, and more!


60 Seconds with Vince Ropitini:

Inside The Mind of Vince Ropitini (Full Interview):